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Please be advised to send your iCash coins to your account
More info will be provided soon

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Right now iCash has been same since 2015. This will change in June/July 2017. We will redirect ourselves away from the old network and setup ground rules for new iCash Network.
When the transition is done, in time we will provide:

Multiple platform wallets
Update to latest technology for maximum security and anonymity
Stable support
Constant development on iCash wallet to make the user experience pleasant and effective

iCash revival is a real community driven accident. Our team met on iCash slack in the middle of April 2017. Now the relationship has grown into a long term asset that is truly one of a kind. We have successfully resurrected an altcoin and it is growing by the minute towards a vision of better tomorrow.

Connect with iCash on :

Download iCash wallet
NOTICE ! This wallet works with the old network and is operational ONLY in the old network.
New iCash Network (established in june/july 2017) will have new wallets available.
WARNING! Do not use InstantX option for now. We have many reports of InstantX not working correctly.
Find tutorials for using the old network wallet and setting up masternodes in our slack!