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We started our journey in April of 2017. Our team met on icash slack.
Main purpose i personally gravitated towards iCash was its technology Рcloned x11 coin with masternode support.
At first it looked interesting to see what can be done to revive it. I started to help out people in slack and it grew from small hype place for coin to a slack channel with actual support and help oriented community. At some point we understood that this network is full of errors and its code is over 2 years old. Its security is heavily outdated and code has some anomalies in it that might be results of changing the dev overtime at least 2 times. Full attention has gone into finding a way to create a fork that will make the network safe and usable again.
Right now we are waiting on a second opinion on the fork code before starting the forking process that is going to be painful since our main exchange is YoBit at the moment and they are known for slow support. For now we cannot give out any solid dates for the network change to happen, but we understand the security risks good enough to act as fast as possible so everybody can have a more stable network to conduct their business on.

I’d suggest to keep an eye on this page and be on our slack to be first to know when the change is going to happen.

This is a partial screenshot from testing a week ago. Those are first blocks mined on testnet to see if the code is holding up. It did hold up and now we are waiting on a second opinion before starting the new network on mainnet and running tests on it before going public.