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So.. we are now in the arrow state if You would consider our Roadmap and this means we are most likely to go into Phase 2 during this weekend. If this happens, we are looking at the swap starting next week.

The swap will be fast in nature because of two reasons:

1) The network now is not the most secure one so we need to get users out of this environment fast

2) We need to have a namechange before we can list ourselves on more exchanges so time is of the essence here.
If You do not know the technicalities of getting a coin on an exchange – most of them ask for money to get You listed. Voting is another free option, but it is not fast nor timetable friendly solution. So it makes sense to have a fast namechange and then new listings.

Little about the namechange – we have a very interesting opportunity on the table for it, but its too early to give out any solid information on it.

This is it for now, but be ready for updates during the weekend.