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BEFORE WE START WITH THIS POST – A WARNING! Do not transfer Your iCash coins back to Yobit. Yobit is running the first wallet from 2015 and its only compatible sending coins out to the new iCash network we are running on at the moment… but is not compatible to receive and all the coins get lost. If You already did this and lost Your coins – You can start a support ticket on Yobit site, but they have failed to update their wallet for almost 3 years now so.. this is pretty much pointless effort.

We have been suggesting to migrate Your iCash coins to for months now. Past few days this message has been very actual. We are days away from a swap.

ESTIMATED TIME TO SWAP TAKE PLACE – between 5-7 august 2017

Take in consideration that this date might move a bit due BTC split needed the exchange’s focus and we are doing last tweaks on the new network, but safest is to have Your iCash coins on before 5th of august.


This will be automatic so every iCash coin that is on market gets turned into a coin that is usable on our new network. We keep the name secret for now, but all will be revealed when the swap happens. NB! Also masternode coins must be transferred to the exchange otherwise they will not be converted.

Swap and opportunity to join the new network happens only once.

The New Network.

Masternode requirement will be the same 100 000 coins. This was decided due the amount of already mined coins on the iCash network (224 million) and on the account of the network traffic. Smaller requirement creates a situation where there can be tens of thousands of masternodes in the network. This creates a lot of traffic and it takes more time for the nodes to come to a consensus.

Max coin supply will be under 500 million in total to give our coin a value that does not fade away with time that would have been case with the old network. It has total coin supply of 86 billion which means the hyperinflation would have happened to this network sooner or later. Also this was planned so in favor of the people who have been with Us as a community from april and held their investments in iCash. Thank You all for believing in our team!

More info about the new network soon…