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I will post my letter to the BTCtalk thread here too, because it serves as a good aftermath overview.

Here we go!

Hello. My name is Roland i have been working on this iCash to PURA swap for over almost 5 months now. This post here is to clear up few things about the swap and give You all some insight instead of those “scam” accusations that are great source of inspiration for me personally.

I was going through hard times in the april of 2017 when my health was at its lowpoint after spending too much time running 2 bars where i live. Natural introvert in me was drinking to compensate the endless converstations i had to have as a barowner. At some point we had to close down because of the landlord. After this i had massive stomach problems where i was just able to be on my feet like 10 minutes at the time. I was a athlete when younger so luckily i pulled through.. in the middle of all this crypto was starting to pick up my attention more and more.

One day i just randomly stumbled upon iCash on YOBIT and somehow i gravitated towards it. Bought myself a masternode and started to learn how to set it up. I went to the official slack and there was 30 people in there and nobody could help me. When i managed to set it up.. i started to help others to do so on the slack. Literally in no time we had following on 150 people. During that time i learned more and more about the tech itself and found out eventually that icash has been forked 2-3 times before and the code is VERY unstable and over 3 years old technology. I felt bad that i helped to set up so many masternodes on a unstable network so i started to look into a solution. Some people from slack community gave me funds to hire programmers and the journey started.

During the last 5 months i have been scammed out of few bitcoins of my own money as well. There is lot of coders out there who are overestimating their skills and when one does not have enough knowledge – one can be a easy prey for those people. In the end i managed to educate myself enough that i found right people to work with. When at last this happened – one very disturbing thing came to the light – we have had the difficulty spikes on iCash for a long time and i just thought it was bad coding but the coder i worked with said that this is a common hacking of the older chains.. You spike up the diffilculty so the chain is stuck.. then fork it really quick and then mine coins on Your new chain and then push them back into the iCash mainnet when the spike is resolved. Those spikes started to happen more often when the icash price went on a rise.
That is the direct reason why we had to swap it as fast as we could.

Before Us the iCash price was 6-7 satoshis, network had few masternodes going and there was literally NO community. We are the direct reason that iCash did not go dead like its original devs other projects – ePay for instance. People we cared about were the ones who are on our slack and we consider OUR community because THEY were on slack everyday asking and helping out eachother and me as well. Thank You all for this!

I hope that cleared up some of the issues. I will try to read here whenever i possibly can and answer if some more FUD gets spread. Those who did not have enough interest to check our devblog ( or to check in our slack – yes this could be hurtful moment to understand that You missed the train, but the work just begins. Never too late to be part of it!

P.S If You missed the swap then write me on and first chance i get – i will answer. If the amount lost was enough for me to handle – i will compensate whenever i can and will be doing so for a week, but after this out marketing work starts and this is all out of my hands.