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I will post my letter to the BTCtalk thread here too, because it serves as a good aftermath overview. Here we go! Hello. My name is Roland i have been working on this iCash to PURA swap for over almost 5 months now. This post here is to clear up few things about the swap and give You all some insight instead of those “scam” accusations that are great source of inspiration for me personally….


BEFORE WE START WITH THIS POST – A WARNING! Do not transfer Your iCash coins back to Yobit. Yobit is running the first wallet from 2015 and its only compatible sending coins out to the new iCash network we are running on at the moment… but is not compatible to receive and all the coins get lost. If You already did this and lost Your coins – You can start a support ticket on Yobit…


So.. we are now in the arrow state if You would consider our Roadmap and this means we are most likely to go into Phase 2 during this weekend. If this happens, we are looking at the swap starting next week. The swap will be fast in nature because of two reasons: 1) The network now is not the most secure one so we need to get users out of this environment fast 2) We…


It has been a pretty rough week, but we are closing it with good news. First of all our new network code is finally almost done and we should be running testnet in 4-5 days hopefully. After this we will start to work on coin swap with and we are looking to deliver it to public in 2 weeks time. This is all unofficial, but kind of solid little timeline to keep in mind….


We started our journey in April of 2017. Our team met on icash slack. Main purpose i personally gravitated towards iCash was its technology¬†– cloned x11 coin with masternode support. At first it looked interesting to see what can be done to revive it. I started to help out people in slack and it grew from small hype place for coin to a slack channel with actual support and help oriented community. At some point…